FarMate Policy

Property Insurance

Coverage that protects your home and household property as well as farm buildings and farm personal property.

Farm-Guard Policy

Liability Insurance

A policy to protect you should an accident, injury or claim of negligence arise out of your farming operation.

Home-Guard Policy

Homeowners Insurance

Coverage for your home and personal property including personal liability.

Welcome to Hamlet Mutual Insurance Company!

Hamlet Mutual Insurance Company, located in Reynolds, IL, has been in business for over 135 years.  As a Mutual company we are owned by our policyholders, who elect a board of directors.

The board members are local members of the community and are responsible for overseeing the operation of the company.

All of the property underwriting and claims are handled from our office in a fair and timely manner.

We are proud to work for our policyholders and are committed to providing exceptional service and comprehensive insurance protection.