History of Hamlet Mutual Insurance

Chartered October 13,1875

Our History

Hamlet Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company was founded in 1875 by a group of farmers at the Hamlet Hall in Hamlet, Illinois. The company, chartered under Illinois laws and approved by the Illinois state Auditor, wrote insurance for both farm and residential property in six townships of Mercer and Rock Island County.

Today, Hamlet Mutual Insurance Company’s coverage has expanded to seven counties, is re-insured by Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, and continues to be backed by local management who take great care in maintaining Hamlet Mutual’s tradition of excellent coverage, service, and prompt settlement of claims.

With its home office in Reynolds, Illinois, the company operates with a staff of seven, including management, adjusting personnel, and four full time in-house agents.

As a mutual, the Hamlet Mutual Insurance Company is owned by policyholders who elect a board of directors responsible for the operation of the company. Under the leadership of only six company managers in over 130years of business, Hamlet Mutual has remained a stable and dedicated source of coverage to both farm and homeowners.